13 Trending Wedding Theme Ideas You Shouldn’t Miss Checking Out!

When planning your wedding, it’s important to think about the kind of vibe and energy you and your spouse want. There are many different Indian wedding themes to choose from, so you can find the perfect one that fits your personality and relationship. In this blog, we will discuss the trending wedding theme ideas in 2022. 

One of the most significant days in your life is your wedding. Is it not? Therefore, you should be in charge of choosing everything, including your wedding’s theme and every outfit. Wedding theme ideas can enhance the atmosphere and add more vibe to your grand day. 

Every bride and groom fantasizes about exchanging vows in a specific location and atmosphere. Are you also one of them? Have you recently given any thought to wedding theme colors and wedding theme ideas? Have you always imagined having a fairytale wedding? You’ve come to the right location if all of your responses are affirmative.

However, we know that picking up Indian wedding themes can be stressful a bit. Do you want pastel-dreamy wedding theme colors, a beach theme, a royal ambiance, a romantic route, or a bit of modern taste? So, if you’re doubtful or unsure of what you exactly want, then we have hand-picked the best Indian wedding themes that will swoon your hearts. You can choose from these best 13 wedding themes right away! Let’s get started now. 

13 Exotic Wedding Theme ideas

A wedding theme has to be something that both you and your guests will remember forever. There is a tonne of wonderful wedding theme ideas, but some of our favorites include:

  • Royal Wedding Theme
  • Lakhnavi Theme
  • Beach Wedding Theme
  • Rajasthan Wedding Theme
  • Vintage Wedding Theme
  • Bohemian Wedding Style
  • Village Wedding Theme
  • Fairytale Wedding
  • Southern-Inspired Wedding Theme
  • Bollywood Wedding Theme
  • Nature Wedding
  • Indoor Garden theme
  • A Fusion Wedding Decor

1) Royal Wedding Theme

Image Courtesy: Wedluxe

This is a classic Indian wedding theme that features a lot of royal elements. You could have a royal wedding ceremony followed by a royal feast and coronation, or you could have a more traditional royal wedding with a lot of decoration and color. If you have regal taste, then this is one of the best Indian wedding themes. If you want some royal and classy aura and ambiance around or want a regal welcome, then this is one of the go-to-go wedding theme ideas. For a royal wedding theme, you can book a resort or a five-star hotel where you can get all the amenities along with a grandiose vibe. Moreover, you can choose royal wedding theme colors, modern decor, royal cutlery, cuisines, and more. Make sure to invest in royal flowers. Lastly, you can make a grand bridal entry in a carriage or a vintage car. When you will club all royal themes together, you will be absolutely in the awe of your royal wedding ambiance.

Image Courtesy: Fan C Designs

  • Royal Colors: You Can choose Crimson red, purple, gold, and white. You can pair crimson red with gold or white or keep a theme of royal blue and white. 
  • Royal Flowers: You can invest in Jasmine, white roses, African daisies, Lilac, hydrangea, tulips, anemones, and sweet peas. 
  • Royal Outfit: You can wear pastel colors or wear Sabyasachi lehengas to give yourself a regal appearance. 

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2) Lakhnavi Theme 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

A Lakhnavi wedding is an event that is often filled with love, laughter, and happiness. It is a perfect celebration for those who are in love and want to share their special day with their friends and family in a nawab style, then this is one of the best Indian wedding themes. A Lakhnavi wedding can be themed in any way that you choose, and there are a variety of options available to you. If you are looking for a traditional Lakhnavi wedding, you can choose to have a ceremony at a majestic palace or book a royal resort. Make big entrances for the bride or groom using customary announces. You can choose live Shehnai and Nagada performers to complement the ambiance. Moreover, if you’re choosing a Lakhnavi theme, then do go with a royal dressing sense as well. The wedding menu will be created in a way that showcases the delight of famous Lakhnavi cuisines. 

Image Courtesy: Ritz Resort

  • Lakhnavi Wedding Destinations: You can book Taj, Hyderabad, resorts in Udaipur, Raga’s resort – Lucknow, Golden Blossom Imperial – Lucknow, and more. 
  • Lakhnavi Outfits: You can choose elegant khada dupattas, sharara suits, and sherwanis. You can also wear regal jewellery or go with Pasha. It’s one of the most versatile pieces of jewellery. 
  • Lakhnavi Decor Theme: As part of your Mughal and royal-themed wedding decor, you might use vintage chandeliers, lanterns, red roses, and colored glasses.
  • Lakhnavi Ambience: For such wedding theme ideas, you may create the ideal Lucknowi atmosphere by diffusing the smells of ittar and gajras. Additionally, plan a Sangeet featuring Ghazals and Nazms for everyone’s entertainment.

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3) Beach Wedding Theme 

It’s one of the most dreamy wedding theme ideas. When deciding on a beach wedding theme, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, what type of beach would you like to have your wedding at? If you are looking for a more secluded beach, then you might want to consider a coastal wedding theme. If you are looking for a more public beach, you might want to consider a more party-like beach wedding theme. Secondly, what type of wedding do you want? A beach wedding can be a casual affair, or it can be a more formal affair. If you are planning a more casual beach wedding, then you might want to consider a more laid-back beach wedding theme. However, many couples have visions of getting married on a beach and doing pheras at sunrise. Are you one of them? If so, then you can go with this if you’re ready to spend a colossal amount of the wedding budget. A Beach wedding is all about fun, drinks, parties, excitement, and waves of laughter. Beach wedding has a different level of vibe and energy.

  • Beach Wedding Destinations: Goa, Santorini, Maldives, Andaman & Nicobar, Kerala, and more. 
  • Beach Wedding Theme Colors: Go with blue & white, coral & navy, coral & yellow, and pink & white. 
  • Beach Party Outfits: For all the beach parties, pool parties, or cocktails parties, you can wear luau costumes or customize your outfit according to the theme. 

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4) Rajasthan Wedding Theme

Image Courtesy: Wedding Planner Rajasthan

Do you want to go with one of the most famous Indian wedding themes? When it comes to wedding themes, Rajasthan is a place that will leave you with plenty of options. There is likely to be a theme that suits your needs, whether you want a traditional ceremony with a hint of Rajasthani culture or you want to go all out and add some Rajasthani flair to your wedding. A palace might serve as the inspiration for a lovely traditional Rajasthani wedding. Everything may be themed around this lovely facility, from the decorations to the menu. Moreover, the Rajasthani wedding is another name for the royal wedding. The groom comes to the venue sitting on an adorned elephant, has a tilak ceremony, and more. All their ceremonies are extravagant and grand. 

Image Courtesy: Vision Vivaah

  • Rajasthani Wedding Destinations: Umaid Bhawan palace – Udaipur, ITC Rajputana – Jaipur, Ummed Jodhpur, Shiv Vilas resort – Jaipur.
  • Rajasthani Wedding Outfits: You can go with chaniya choli, Rajputi lehengas, Lehenga choli, and Ghagra choli. A Pagri, Dhoti or Pyjama, Angarkha, and waistline are among the male attire.
  • Rajasthani Jewellery: You can wear jewellery that has emeralds and diamonds.

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5) Vintage Wedding Theme 

Image Courtesy: Harper Bazaar

When it comes to wedding themes, vintage is always a popular choice. There are so many romantic and classic elements to this theme that it can be incredibly versatile. If you and your fiance are both big fans of vintage fashion, you can incorporate that into your wedding look. Choose classic vintage wedding gowns, accessories, and flowers to create a look that is both classic and timeless. If you’re more into the contemporary side of vintage fashion, you can go for funky pieces like maxi dresses or statement necklaces. Either way, Vintage wedding themes are perfect for couples who want a classic and romantic wedding. It’s one of the trending wedding theme ideas you can go with. Lastly, the vintage theme incorporates some of the old decors with a contemporary twist. You can change the decor accordingly. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

  • Vintage Theme Venue: You can simply choose any wedding venue and you can easily customize your decor to make it more vintage.
  • Vintage Wedding Decor: Pearl & crystal chandeliers, adorn the entrance with curtains and lightning, set your vintage cutlery, wooden pallet photo display instead of LED panel displays, and more. 
  • Vintage Wedding Theme Colors: Off-white color, brown color, crimson red, rustic blue, and baby pink. 

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6) Bohemian Wedding Style 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

The bohemian wedding theme is an interesting and unique way to celebrate your wedding. With a focus on nature and the arts, this theme is perfect for a wedding that is full of creativity and personality. There are no set rules for bohemian fashion. These wedding theme ideas don’t need to be ultramodern or minimalist; it’s just about the free flow of mood. You could incorporate Bohemian wedding theme elements into your wedding decorations, cake, and even your wedding ceremony. There are many different Bohemian wedding themes to choose from, so you can find the perfect one that fits your wedding personality and style. Overall, it’s a mixture of rustic decor, vintage, and nature. Such wedding is more inclined towards artistic themes. 

Image Courtesy: Amrit Photography

Things To Set a Boho Vibe: 

  • You need to drop the regular Dj, and opt for a live instrumentalist to create a tone for a boho marriage. 
  • Go with more succulents and natural leaves along with a lamp. 
  • You can set candles, candle stands, and wooden decor. 

Image Courtesy: iStock

Wedding Theme Colors: Silver, grey, brown, green, and white. 

Image Courtesy: Town’s delight catering and events

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7) Village Wedding Theme

You might want to think about a theme that sticks out among all the wedding themes while arranging your village wedding. This is one of the best wedding theme ideas if you want to return to traditional tastes and vibes while yet providing all the modern conveniences. Leave your guests thrilled with village themes which already lost in the modern era. Bring your people back to the Indian culture and its essence through a wedding. Make this wedding theme customized and amaze your guests. Synchronize your wedding venue with traditional items like cots, artificial trees, wooden benches, mats, and more. Set a rustic mood all around with old-school music and traditional food. 

Image Courtesy: Dezign code

  • Village Theme Venue: Include antique pots, charpai, grass mats, wooden benches, and bangle ornamentation. 
  • You can park a truck to improve its appearance.
  • For the amusement factor, you also incorporate a Garba program, chooriwalas, Mehendi walas, and more. 
  • Outfit Ideas: You can make the staff wear a dhoti, kurta, or saree. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

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8) Fairytale Wedding 

Image Courtesy: PartySlate

One of the most popular wedding theme ideas is a fairytale wedding. This can be done in a variety of ways, including using a specific fairy tale as your wedding theme, incorporating fairy tale elements into your wedding décor, or even having a custom-made fairytale wedding cake. There are many things that you can include in your fairytale dreamy wedding. If you’re someone who’s been dreaming about a fairytale wedding since their childhood, then you should choose this one! With an event management company, you can get your D-Day decor and ambiance customized easily. Choosing a fairytale wedding theme can be a fun way to incorporate some of your favorite childhood memories into your wedding. You can also choose a fairytale wedding theme if you want your wedding to be a little bit more special than your average wedding. A fairytale wedding can be a romantic and special event. 

  • Fairytale Wedding Theme: You can choose a venue that attracts your magical soul. You can make a flowery entry dome and use more pastel colors and fairy lights. 
  • Fairytale Wedding Colors: You can incorporate colors such as baby pink, white, golden, violet, and royal blue.
  • Fairytale Wedding Outfit Ideas: Opt for long lehengas and gowns. Moreover, keep loose curls and open hair. 

Image Courtesy: White Knot

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9) Southern-Inspired Wedding Theme

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

The colors of India are blue, green, orange, and gold. These colors are often used in Hindu ceremonies, so it is a natural choice for a Southern Indian wedding. It’s one of the beautiful Indian wedding themes. The traditions and intricacies of these weddings are what makes India’s culture as a whole beautiful to admire. However, you can always customize the overall vibe of the event and ambiance by adding your taste. 

  • Southern-Inspired Wedding Theme: Use a lot of marigolds, jasmine, and rose-like flowers to decorate the wedding. This is how South Indian weddings lend the atmosphere a rustic vibe. 
  • Southern-Wedding Outfit: We believe Southern wedding outfits look the best. They are royal in taste. Moreover, you can opt for Kanjeevaram saree outfits and adorn yourself with a gold necklace and heavy earrings. 
  • Southern-Wedding Decor: Don’t forget to request that Lord Ganesha be positioned at the venue’s entrance for this by asking the event management team. Moreover, request that a flower mandala or rangoli be created to accentuate the entrance.

Image Courtesy: Light Bucket Production

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10) Bollywood Wedding Theme

Image Courtesy: The Wedding Designers

When it comes to weddings, there’s no one quite like Bollywood. With its dramatic music, colorful costumes, and lively ceremonies, Bollywood weddings are sure to be a memorable experience. Whether you’re planning a traditional Indian wedding or a more contemporary affair, there’s a Bollywood wedding theme perfect for you. If you’re looking for an unbelievably extravagant wedding, Bollywood wedding themes might be the perfect way to go. From lavish ceremonies to sumptuous receptions, Bollywood wedding themes will have your guests talking for years to come.

Image Courtesy: Symphony Events

  • Bollywood Venue Decor: Add extra red and black hues to the motif and create an entrance with a Bollywood feel. Place a photo booth at the wedding location where guests may stand and take pictures. To make the event appear more enthusiastic, the photo booth cards should have some Bollywood quotations inscribed. In addition, you can also place a Bollywood-style giant cake and complete a Dj vibe. So, if you want 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

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11) Nature Wedding

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

When planning your wedding, it is important to think about what kind of environment you would like to create. A nature wedding theme can be perfect for couples who want to celebrate the natural world around them while tying the knot. If you adore the outdoors, you can put up your mandap there or have your dinner table outside. So, it’s one of the preferable wedding theme ideas for people who love nature.

Image Courtesy: The Knot

  • Nature Venue Decor: You can add more lights to nature and flowers to the setting to give it more of a wedding-like look. 
  • Best Flower Choices: Many flowers are perfect for weddings, such as Indian Paintbrush, Columbine, roses, and Snapdragon. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

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12) Indoor Garden theme 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

If you’re getting married in monsoon season, then getting married or setting a venue outside might not be the best choice for you. However, if you still want the best of nature around you while getting married to your loved one, then you can set an indoor garden theme. An all-green nature theme is one of the best wedding theme ideas for people who are in awe of nature. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

  • Indoor Garden Venue Decor: It will appear as though a fantasy has proven true if you cover the entryway and ceilings with exotic, lush green plants and flowers, trees with lovely dangling chandeliers, candles, and sparkling decorations. In addition, you can also adorn the dining area or the bar area with perfect lighting, plants, and flowers. 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

  • Color Choices for the Decor: Green, Violet, Blue, and Golden. Keep the green color dominant. 

Image Courtesy: Wedluxe

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13) A Fusion Wedding Decor

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

When planning your wedding, consider a fusion wedding theme. This can be a great way to show your love for both your cultural backgrounds and each other. If you’re confused about all the wedding theme ideas mentioned above, then you can choose this fusion wedding decor. It will make one of the most fun and popular wedding theme anyone would ever notice. There are many fun and creative ways to combine traditional wedding elements with elements from your partner’s culture. 

Image Courtesy: The English Wedding Blog

How to Incorporate a Fusion Wedding Decor? 

  • Have cultural dance performances. Include traditional dance from your culture or popular modern dances. You can also prepare a dance performance together to music from western and traditional cultures. 
  • Have a wedding buffet with items from your cultural background. Offer samosas, paneer tikka, and other Indian dishes alongside traditional American fare like pasta, pizza, and more. 
  • You can prepare a decor while fusing both cultures. Add flowers, lights, and also traditional eating stalls. 
  • Moreover, arrange traditional and western dresses for the staff to create a unique fusion and get the best of both worlds. 

Image Courtesy: Elmore Court

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Themed weddings are popular these days and setting a theme of your choice will make your wedding a memorable one. These are the 13 wedding theme ideas that you can choose to make your D-DAY special for yourself and everyone around. 

A wedding theme is an important part of your wedding planning. The vibe can be something as minimal or grand as Indian wedding themes. These themes can inspire your wedding decorations, your wedding invitations, and your wedding cake.

Choosing a wedding theme can be a fun and exciting process. It can help you plan the overall feel and vibe of your wedding and can help you create a unique wedding experience. Lastly, if you’re looking for more wedding endeavors, do visit Wedding Banquets. Our single platform can arrange everything you need for a wedding. Anything from a perfect banquet to florists, decorators, bridal wear, Mehndi artists, and makeup artists is available. Do check us out!

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