Best Pre-Wedding Hair Care

The Best Pre-Wedding Hair Care Routine

When your wedding prep is in full swing, it’s quite usual that you forget about your hair care routine. However, if ignored, it might suppress your most fabulous version on the auspicious day. That’s why following a trusted pre-wedding hair care routine is imperative because, after all, you’re a queen and your hair is your crown.

In this blog, we’ll tell you the best pre-wedding hair care routine along with some invaluable tips to follow at home. Can’t wait any more? We too; let’s get started!


Pre-Bridal Hair Care Routine

Best Pre-Wedding Hair Care

Already, you’re overwhelmed with a lot of arrangement work, but we’ve made sure that within all this chaos, you take care of yourself too. Let me reveal this list that will make your tresses gleam on D-day.

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1-Year Before

You’ve got plenty of time, and at this point, you’ll have an honest inspection of your hair done by an expert. If you face any major issues with your hair, then we recommend you visit a trichologist. Identifying potential areas for improvement will help you create a personalized hair care routine.

Regularly trimming your hair every 6–8 weeks will be crucial to getting rid of split ends and debilitated strands. Eventually, this will help rejuvenate your hair with healthy and dense growth.

Besides, pre-wedding hair treatment and deep conditioning will further smooth your hair cuticles and restore and retain hydration to your hair. It is advised to use a hair mask once or twice per week to improve the overall health of your tresses. When using a hair mask, look for its ingredients, including coconut oil, shea butter, and argan oil.

The next step might seem unusual, but it is extremely important. Invest in a silk pillowcase, as it prevents frizz and retains moisture.

Consider taking hair supplements only after consulting your doctor, as they improve hair health, prevent split ends, and promote thick hair growth.

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6 months before

Best Pre-Wedding Hair Care

Here comes your favorite activity: now you begin visiting your hair stylist and get some marvelous pre-wedding hairstyle recommendations. Make sure to decide on your dress beforehand so that your stylist can make sense of the coherence between your hairstyle and attire.

Start increasing the deep conditioning intensity to 2-3 times per week. Perhaps you must minimize heat styling and the use of blow dryers, curling irons, and straighteners to avoid any damage.

3-Months Before

Testing time alert! Now you need to experiment with your favorite hairstyles and choose the one that matches your expectations and attire. Make the necessary adjustments and finalize your own quiff.

Pre-wedding hair prep is important, and so is the biology behind it. In fact, blood circulation promotes healthy hair growth. That’s why you need to get a soothing scalp massage frequently to make your scalp nerves active and allow more blood to pass through them.

At this stage, you should strictly avoid hair coloring treatments. Further, prohibit chemical hair care products like relaxers, bleach, and permanent dyes because a slight mistake at this point can ruin your overall look at your wedding.

1-Month Before

As D-day comes closer, there isn’t much to do other than refine what has already been planned. Get a final trim now so that your hair has ample time to get back to the perfect shape by the time of your wedding.

Complete a final hair mask to impart the ultimate deep conditioning and glisten your hair’s shininess and elegance.

We all know that stress has negative effects on our health, but do you know that stress can gravely affect your hair’s longevity? To avoid any mishaps at this critical time, you need to incorporate yoga and meditation sessions into your schedule to manage your stress levels. Be with your family and have fun chit-chats to make your mood light, which will benefit your glow as well as your hair.

On D-Day

Finally, the pre-wedding hair care routine is wrapping up. Your months of dedication and persistence will pay off today. Just keep a few things in mind: don’t overuse hair care products, and let your stylist handle the steering. Also, don’t stress about anything, and enjoy the day. The album will eventually give you memories of a lifetime, with your tresses being an integral part of it.

The initial months will be difficult to follow, but gradually, the hair care routine will become easier as your wedding day approaches. We hope that by following our pre-bridal hair care routine, you’ll be able to confidently embark on your new journey.

The Best Hair Care Tips to Follow at Home

Best Pre-Wedding Hair Care

Let’s move on with some DIY tips that you need to follow throughout your hair care routine.

  1. Nutritious Diet: A wholesome diet is not only good for your body but also for your mind. This tip is not specific to your hair care routine. In fact, you must have a balanced diet including vegetables, eggs, and nuts that are rich in macro- and micronutrients. It’s crucial to detoxify your body by eating healthy food to maintain proper shape.
  1. Be Hydrated: Yes, you heard it right. Being hydrated is always beneficial for your body and hair. Can’t relate to hairs? Let me explain. A hydrated body will get good sleep, which eventually promotes hair growth. Experts suggest drinking at least 2 liters per day for good hydration levels.
  1. Oil Your Hair: This is an evergreen piece of advice that you must have heard from your grandmother and acquaintances. Regular oil massage has been an all-in-one solution for all our worries. Perhaps it keeps your mood light and your hair healthy. However, I’d like to clarify a misconception: you need to apply an adequate amount of oil to your scalp and not your hair.

Wrapping Up

This pre-wedding hair care routine will turn out to be a golden feather in a cap that you’ll cherish forever. Make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips alongside the hair care routine to get the best results. After all, “life can’t be perfect, but your hair can be,” especially on your wedding day.

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