35 Exotic Karwa Chauth Mehndi Designs You Should Check Out

Are you in the mid of your Karwa Chauth endeavors? We know selecting an outfit and bangles is way easier than choosing a trending karwa chauth mehndi. So, we are bringing you the best and most exotic karwa chauth mehndi designs for your special day! We have hand-picked the most extraordinary motifs ever. 

Mehndi’s application at Karwa Chauth has significant cultural importance. Additionally, Henna signifies good luck, prosperity, and wealth. On this day, keeping a fast, applying Mehendi, and getting ready is seen as fortunate for the couple. 

Whether it’s going to be your first karwa chauth fast or you’ve been keeping it for years, the hunt for intricate henna motifs is always on. Every girl wants her henna design to stand out from others. 

So, karwa chauth is one of the special festivities for all married women.

Best 35 Karva Chauth Mehandi Design

Moreover, if you’re tired of watching monotonous designs everywhere on the internet, you’re at the correct place. So, get ready to discover the most unique and awe-inspiring designs. 

    • Minimal mehndi designs
    • Open Floral Spaces
    • Grids & Leaves Mehndi Design
    • Floral Mandalas
    • Full-hand Mehendi designs
    • Coordinated & Panelled Design
    • Flowers & Jaal Design
    • Full-Hand Complementary Mehendi Design
    • Back Hand Mehendi Minimal Design
    • Thick Henna Motifs
    • Intricate Feet Mehendi Design
    • Mid-beam style
    • Small to Big floral designs
    • Combination of Floral & Jewellery Design
    • Portrait Mehendi Look
    • Drool-Worthy Florals
    • Checked Mehendi Designs
    • Moroccan Mehendi
    • Mandala With Arabic Touch
    • Heavy Intricate Mehendi Designs
    • The Unique Themed
    • The Floral Bush
    • The Flower Mandala
    • The Trending Arabic Mehendi
    • Minimal & Creative Design
    • The Khafif Style
    • The Heart-Warming Beauty
    • The Intricate Couple Portrait Design
    • The Peacock Luck With Flowers
    • The Swirling Floral Patterns
    • The Sophisticated Design
    • The Karwa Chauth Special Mehendi
    • Quirky Mehendi Design
    • Some More Krawa Chauth Flavors
    • Mehendi Motifs With Customized Message

1) Minimal mehndi designs

Image Courtesy: Henna by Alifa and Henna by mk

If you’re someone who is a lover of minimal mehndi designs, then this Mehendi design is trending. It is one of the lovely karwa chauth mehndi designs if you want more open areas in your Mehendi rather than many garish and heavy motifs. It’s karwa chauth special mehndi which only has to thin rose stroke style inserted in a mandala style. Additionally, the artist added complementing motifs and tip filling to the fingers. 

In the second design, the artist has beautified the backhand with a mandala design including a lotus. Moreover, the lotus is the symbol of divinity, positivity, and luck. So, you can get similar designs as well. 

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2) Open Floral Spaces 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

It is an open henna design that looks eye-pleasing. Isn’t it? The artist has made similar designs on the palm and left white space in the middle. He has included the jaal design. On the palm, the artist drew similar patterns and left an opening in the middle. They feature florals, jaal designs, circular motifs, and other distinctive designs. If you like simple designs, you should get this one of the unique karwa chauth mehndi designs. 

3) Grids & Leaves Mehndi Design

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

This is a karwa chauth special mehndi. Grids, leafy squares, and half mandalas are all included in this mehndi design. It is distinctive grid henna that will capture your heart because it depicts a captivating design. Moreover, the beautiful line pattern on the index finger is embellished with small leaves. Furthermore, the overall design looks extremely exotic and makes it one of the unique karwa chauth mehndi designs.

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4) Floral Mandalas 

Image Courtesy: Henna Payal

Are you a lover of the mandala motif? Just keep an eye on this extraordinary Mandala Mehendi design. These are intricate floral mandalas that are thin designs and captivating. The artist has circled the entire mandala with tiny jewellery-like motifs. On the palm, they have incorporated the jaal styles and florals to give an expansive and alluring look. So, include these beauties on the fingertips with circular motifs and trinkets. It’s a karwa chauth special mehndi you shouldn’t miss saving. 

5) Full-hand Mehendi designs

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Ask your artist to create a clean semicircle of flower patterns that spans your hand. You’ll find yourself and people gazing at your hands repeatedly due to the symmetrical and contemporary design. Moreover, the artist has drawn complementary motifs which incorporate, grid styling, jaal style, and geometric designs. The artist has also put flowers and tulips on the palm for increasing the overall look of the henna design. It’s one of the best karwa chauth mehndi designs. 

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6) Coordinated & Panelled Design 

Image Courtesy: Henna by Maziah

A synchronized mehndi design for Karwa Chauth looks incredible and will undoubtedly add extra touches to your karwa chauth festivities. It’s one of the best karwa chauth mehndi designs. These are also complementary designs because they are syncing with another hand. These are peaceful motifs that include half mandals and jaal designs together. It’s a simple karwa chauth special Mehandi that you will fall in love with. The artist has adorned the wrist with special intricate motifs. Moreover, the fingers have circular designs that are exotic. 

7) Flowers & Jaal Design

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

This one is karwa chauth special mehndi. The artist started the design with mini flowers and mandalas in the middle of the palm. Ask your artist to make the design on your palm which is thin and not thick. The rest of the fingers are covered with jaal designs, and the tips are filled with henna. You can also ask the artist to cover the wrist and hands with geometric and grid styling. 

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8) Full-Hand Complementary Mehendi Design

Image Courtesy: Brownhue Mehendi

It is a complementary Mehendi design. If you want to have the same motif and style on both your hands and arms, then get this beauty on your hand. Adorn your palms with a half-moon. The artist has also beautified the fingers with small flowers and spiral designs. So, do have a look and save this one of the extraordinary karwa chauth mehndi designs. 

9) Back Hand Mehendi Minimal Design

Image Courtesy: Henna by Lbka

If you don’t like adorning hands with full Mehendi designs, then you can go with this minimal back-hand Mehendi design. It’s the amalgamation of mini mandalas with jewellery style. The artist has made just a replication of hand jewellery -named kaleeras. This henna design is sober and minimal, but captivating. It’s a karwa chauth special mehndi.

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10) Thick Henna Motifs 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

If you’re a fan of thick Mehendi, then this is one of your best karwa chauth mehndi designs. You can look into this that this design has some thick Arabic motifs without leaving any spaces in between. Many people don’t usually like thick designs, but this one started with a tattoo design from the arm and has included jaal motifs, flowers, trinkets, and more. The overall motif of this design looks pretty inspiring. Isn’t it? So, save this one of the unique karwa chauth mehndi designs and ask your Mehendi artist to make this for you.

11) Intricate Feet Mehendi Design

Image Courtesy: Henna by Divya

Moreover, we will not miss the feet Mehendi design inspiration because some women are die-hard fans of Mehendi, and love to color their feet red. So, are you one of them? If so, then you will fall in love with this design. It has mandalas in the center of the feet with complementary designs on the toes. This one is a karwa chauth special mehndi which you should directly save in your gallery. 

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12) Mid-beam style

Image Courtesy: Aza henna art

These are the unique Karwa chauth mehndi designs that are different. It’s a perfect design for a woman who loves minimal yet classy designs. It’s a whole pattern, and the artist has added design to the tips which look great. Moreover, it also has geometric designs beautified with similar motifs. Do save it now! 

13) Small to Big floral designs 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Take note of the beautiful and distinctive karva chauth mehndi design. The artist placed flowers in increasing order, which gave the piece a jewellery-style feel. Additionally, some floral circular motifs are affixed to the blooms. You’ll adore the trendy, minimalistic look of this piece. You can have a simple rear-hand Mehendi design for yourself if you’re working and don’t want any design on your palm. So, all the working women, go with back-hand mehndi designs. 

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14) Combination of Floral & Jewellery Design 

Image Courtesy: @7enaa12

Designing Mehendi jewellery is a very popular way to show your style. There are many different ways to create jewellery-style Mehendi, that are both beautiful and unique. Whether you prefer traditional Mehendi designs or something more contemporary, there is a style, this is a perfect style for you. This type of Mehendi design is easy to create and can be made using a variety of patterns. You can also choose to create a Mehendi design that features intricate details. It’s one of the unique karwa chauth mehndi designs for you to save in your gallery. 

15) Portrait Mehendi Look 

Image Courtesy: Henna by Divya

Check out our gallery of amazing karwa chauth mehndi designs for portraits. From intricate designs to simple stripes, we have a design that will perfectly capture your personality and style! If you are looking for a Mehendi design that will showcase your personality, consider opting for a portrait Mehendi design. The artist can help you showcase any theme or portrait of your loved one. It’s a karwa chauth special mehndi, and you will not stop eyeing them yourself. Moreover, getting a portrait of your beloved on your hand will make more sense on Karwa chauth. 

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16) Drool-Worthy Florals 

Image Courtesy: Artistic Henna

If you love floral Mehendi designs, then you’ve come to the correct place. Did you note how the final motif had free-flowing strokes topped with awe-inspiring jaal motifs and adorable trinket drawings? By adorning your hands with your favorite item, you can also add a unique touch to it. Get these amazing Karwa Chauth mehndi patterns on your hands for richer, more exquisite details! It’s one of the great and inspiring karwa chauth mehndi designs you should check out! 

17) Checked Mehendi Designs 

Image Courtesy: RM Henna artist

Checked Mehendi design is a unique and beautiful way to show off your personality. It is a great option if you want to add a little bit of glamour to your wedding or special karwa chauth celebration. This type of Mehendi design is perfect for women who are looking for something unique and stylish. This Mehendi design is a combination of checked designs adorned with florals, some parallel leaves, spiral designs, jaals, and more. It’s one of the simple and latest mehndi designs for karwa chauth. 

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18) Moroccan Mehendi 

One of the most popular and often requested wedding rituals in the world is Mehendi. Mehendi, or henna art, is the traditional art of applying intricate designs to the hands, feet, and nails of women during any auspicious celebration. The designs can be abstract or figurative and can celebrate different aspects of the bride and groom’s lives. There are many different styles of Mehendi, and each bride can choose the design that is most suited to her personality and wedding theme. Some popular mehndi designs include floral patterns, tribal designs, and intricate geometric designs. Moroccan Mehendi is one of the unique karwa chauth mehndi designs which include geometric motifs with sleek awe-inspiring patterns. It’s an incredibly intricate design that you might like. 

19) Mandala With Arabic Touch

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

The most popular Arabic Mehendi designs and colors are frequently influenced by Indian culture and motifs. Arabic Mehendi is available in a wide range of hues. This is a special mehndi for the Karwa Chauth. Popular patterns include abstract patterns, floral patterns, and traditional Indian patterns. Also, a highly popular option for brides is Arabic Mehendi. Therefore, this is another excellent choice for those who like ladies with only a minimal look. The artist has included Arabic elements in these mandala creations.

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20) Heavy Intricate Mehendi Designs 

Image Courtesy: Anjali Henna

It is a complex art form that requires a lot of skill and practice. Mehendi designs can be very intricate and take many hours to complete. This design is one of them. If you’re a fan of henna Mehendi, then you can go with this full-hand Mehendi look. It’s one of the quite interesting karwa chauth mehndi designs You will love the intricate design. Intricate Mehendi designs are quite alluring and require a lot of time and effort to create. The designs can be either traditional or modern and can be used for various occasions such as weddings, religious ceremonies, or parties. The artist has made flowers and jaals and many other motifs as well. 

 21) The Unique Themed 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

It is a unique mehndi for the Karwa Chauth. The significance of that day should be reflected in your karwa chauth Mehendi. Additionally, you can easily ask your artist to include the karwa chauth theme. Look at how lovely and enticing this one is! The illustration of a husband giving his wife water is quite attractive.

22) The Floral Bush 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Women throughout the world enjoy the intricate and vibrant practice of applying Mehendi with flowers and other motifs. In essence, the Mehendi is a religious ceremony that brings good fortune and wealth. It’s a lovely method to display your sense of fashion and personality. One of the elegant and stimulating karwa chauth mehndi designs. On both hands, the artist has replicated flower designs that coordinate with one another. Additionally, the patterns on the fingertips are comparable. These patterns have a more attractive aesthetic.

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23) The Flower Mandala

Image Courtesy: Saras Henna

This karwa chauth mehndi design is a hit and bold. Want to create a mehndi design for Karwa Chauth that flawlessly integrates traditional and modern tropes? You can select the ideal mandala mehndi design from our selection for the auspicious occasion. It’s a karwa chauth special mehndi that has a flower in the center of the hand. This is a kind of mandala with a floral twist. Moreover, the designs on the fingertips are the same. So, if you like this design, then get this one of the unique karwa chauth mehndi designs for yourself. 

24) The Trending Arabic Mehendi 

Image Courtesy: Amrita Henna

For this karva chauth mehndi design, the artist has made half-mandalas and incorporated Arabic designs into the hand. The Arabic and traditional designs have been infused together to give a new look. For Karwa Chauth, Arabic mehndi designs look both clean and unique in addition to being intriguing. 

25) Minimal & Creative Design 

Image Courtesy: A’s Mehndi Designs

If you just want a piece of red color on your hand, then you can go with a simple and sober design. It just has a trivial Mandala style flower with all white spaces. Only, they have minimal similar designs on the finger. This is good for the ladies who are not a fan of henna and also have babies to handle. It’s a great karwa chauth special mehndi. 

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26) The Khafif Style

Image Courtesy: Asma Mehendi Artist

Everyone tries traditional Arabic Mehendi designs, but you can try out something new this karwa chauth. Khafif is the most popular design which includes free-flowing designs. These patterns are a bit thick and leave empty spaces in the hand. Are you a lover of stunning, free-flowing beautiful mehndi design? Khafif is one of your greatest options if this is the case. It’s one of the great karwa chauth mehndi designs. Additionally, if you have a preference for Arabic designs, you will undoubtedly like the design. The Arabic name for these things in a free-flowing state is khafif. Look at the beautiful and incredible detailed carvings on the fingers. If you’re a fan of mehndi, you should try Khafif, one of the most popular patterns ever. 

27) The Heart-Warming Beauty

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

It is also a beautiful mehndi design that we are currently simping on this year! So, it’s a great design for Mehendi design for karwa chauth. It’s a karwa chauth special mehndi. We love this design which includes patterns, motifs, mini mandalas, trinket leaves, flowers, jaali patterns, and more. This pattern will win your heart since it is so elegant, and lovely, and also features a variety of lovely designs. It’s one of the alluring full-hand Mehendi designs in 2022. 

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28) The Intricate Couple Portrait Design

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

This is the latest mehndi design which you should glare on! Isn’t this style just out of the league? Making the couple portrait duo with the Mehendi in the hands is just a next-level idea. It’s a karwa chauth special mehndi. However, for this, you need to book an exceptional artist. Moreover, if you’re extra with everything, from choosing the best karwa chauth dress, extraordinary bangles, and makeup artists, then you probably also would like to go all out with Mehendi designs too. If so, then do save these one-of-a-kind full-hand Mehendi designs. It’s one of the sweet gestures for your husband as well. 

29) The Peacock Luck With Flowers

Image Courtesy: Chetan Panchal

The peacock magic full-hand Mehendi designs look extraordinarily satisfying, right? It’s one of the simple karwa chauth mehndi designs to choose from. If you want to explore a few designs beyond the traditional henna patterns, check out one of the most beautiful latest mehndi designs. Moreover, a peacock is also a source of inspiration, authority, assurance, and even divinity. It’s a beautiful mehndi design that also showcases exquisite motifs such as flowers, peacocks, paisleys, and ring patterns. If you’re inspired by this latest mehndi design, take a screenshot right away! 

30) The Swirling Floral Patterns

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Did you notice how this Mehendi design has free-flowing patterns? The Mehendi motif and pattern are completed by both hand designs. On the hands and tips of the fingers, the artist has incorporated a rose, flowers, jaal patterns, spiral patterns, and leafy patterns. This Mehendi looks stunning and creative on its whole. Is it not?

31) The Sophisticated Design

Image Courtesy: Atlanta Henna Studio

It’s a blend of florals and peacock motifs. This Mehendi is full of positivity as it includes flowers, peacock faces, and jaal designs. Overall it’s a combination of simple and elegant Mehendi motifs. It’s a karwa chauth special mehndi which you’re going to fall in love with because of its simplicity and captivation. 

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32) The Karwa Chauth Special Mehendi 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

It’s one of the special karwa chauth mehndi designs. The artist has made the puja thali in one hand, and on the other hand, the woman is looking at the moon. Both the Mehendi designs look inspiring. During Karwa Chauth, the Henna is worn in stunning, intricate patterns and motifs. Such mehndi gives out messages and showcases the significance of the special day. It’s a karwa chauth special mehndi. 

33) Quirky Mehendi Design

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

It’s very amazing how this mehndi pattern depicts the Karwa Chauth rite. Applause is due for the depiction of these miniatures. Such exquisite parodies are a delight for every person. As the woman is waiting for her husband under the moonlight with the puja thali in her hands has melted our hearts. So, this Mehendi design for karwa chauth is a HIT. 

34) Some More Krawa Chauth Flavors 

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

The simple message of “Happy Karwachauth” on the hand with a puja thali looks great together. Lastly, the artist has also covered the design with jaals, florals, and more. Moreover, the artist has used similar designs on their fingertips. 

35) Mehendi Motifs With Customized Message 

Image Courtesy: Sonamistry Mehandi

This is a karwa chauth special mehndi which also has a customized message. So, if you want your Mehendi artist to write any lucky message for your husband or the auspicious day, then you should go with this design. Ask your designer to make a theme-based Mehendi and otherwise show them this design. 

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Karwa Chauth is celebrated after the full moon on the 4th day in the month of Kartika. Every year, married Hindu women mark the one-day festival of Karva Chauth, during which they fast from dawn to moonrise and offer prayers for their husbands’ lifelong health and well-being. Karwa Chauth is a time to rejoice and be happy. Women often wear colorful clothes, make sweets, have sargi, get their hands red with henna, and pray. So, if you’re done with all your preparation, yet left with finalising your Mehendi design, then we have come to your rescue. Check out the best karwa chauth mehndi designs. Moreover, if you’re getting married, you can also take inspiration from these designs. 

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