Latest Invitation Card Designs

25+ Latest Invitation Card Designs You Should Check In 2024

When you are planning a wedding, one of the most important things to do is pick exciting invitation card designs. Do you agree? You want your wedding to be unique and special, and the prerequisite is to finalize wedding invitation templates. As a result, you will find a wide variety of wedding invitation designs in this blog. For your wedding, find the ideal one! 

The classic wedding invitation is one of the most widely used wedding invitation designs. This blog has a conventional layout with a contemporary twist. You can opt for a contemporary design with a vibrant color scheme or a more conventional style with a quieter color scheme. Additionally, you can find inspiration for a variety of contemporary and trendy invitation card designs. 

Trending Invitation Card Designs In 2024

Wedding invitation templates are the 1st official opportunity to share the good news with your loved ones about your wedding. Also, an invitation card should showcase or reflect your love story. So you should find a template that matches your vibe and energy. Consider all the factors or designs that fit your aesthetics. So, we have compiled a list of the best and trending invitation card designs for your help.

1) Watercolor Pastel Invitation Card

Latest Invitation Card Designs

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

You can call this one of the most unique and attractive invitation card designs. Have a look at the pastel colors used in this wedding card design. They are looking BOMB. You can customize the templates according to your favorite pastel colors. A simple one with a few cursive lines that has won our hearts. Additionally, the pink and blue tones blend so well. 

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 2) Combination Of Gold & Blues 

Latest Invitation Card Designs

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

First of all, blue, white, and golden hues are timeless favorites. It is one of the best wedding invitation templates if you have a taste for the regal. This dominant hue is blue, and the light golden blossoms in the corners are very appealing. Because of all the distinctive colors, it is a design that should be immediately saved.

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3) Glitter Gold Foil Lazer 

Latest Invitation Card Designs

Image Courtesy: Glitzy Prints

Since weddings are all about sparkles and pleasure, choose one of the most charming invitation card designs where the sparkly trend is undeniably visually stunning. The modest use of the golden ring and the predominance of white work beautifully together. The designer paper-cuts also improve the overall design of the wedding invitation. It has an attractive simplicity.

4) The Floral Rush 

Latest Invitation Card Designs

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

This floral rush wedding invite is simple and pretty. The sides of the card can feature these flower motifs, which will convey refinement and a straightforward design. The calligraphy font in this enhances the elegance of the card’s overall appearance. Therefore, this is one of the best invitation card designs if you want to keep it basic yet attractive.

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5) The Traditional Touch

Latest Invitation Card Designs

Image Courtesy: Pretty Gilded Design, Hyderabad

The gold foil gives this wedding card more depth and personality, even though the painted floral elements are enough to make us drool. If this glittery magic matches your vibe, you can go with this one! One of the most beautiful wedding invitation templates, it sparkles with golden chandeliers.

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6) The Royal Lazer Cut 

Latest Invitation Card Designs

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

It is one of the most revolutionary invitations we’ve recently seen! It has a simple design and is among the cutest handcrafted wedding invitation card designs. The designer combined dark crimson with brown tints and tones. With bright hue and dark hue wedding cards, it looks fantastic. Additionally, a jute rope is utilized to attach it rather than a ribbon, giving it a rustic and traditional look. This invitation card is fantastic.

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7) The Royal Taste

Latest Invitation Card Designs

Image Courtesy: Alibaba

This one is in true royal flair. Pick this design if you enjoy the royal blue vibe. It is simple and elegantly decorated with nothing extra. There are different kinds of wedding invitation cards, but this one is special. It’s not excessive at all, but what makes it more alluring is the golden calligraphy lettering on the regal navy blue background. Overall, the royal taste design is a great one! 

8) Vector Invitation Card

Latest Invitation Card Designs

Image Courtesy: Mindseye_illustration

Isn’t this something new? This wedding card again comes in a navy blue color but with a couple’s vector image. The image is beginning with a religious mantra, and for a change, the artist used white color instead of golden. Also, an illustrator added some lights above to make it more appealing. 

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9) The Pastel Splash

Latest Invitation Card Designs

Image Courtesy: Pikbest

The peach color is one of the most beautiful colors when combined with white. They give new energy and vibe. The peach color added to the plain white sheet is the center of attraction. It’s one of the unique wedding invitation templates. Lastly, look out how the designer has inserted the font for putting the date. Also, there are hanging leaves which makes it look more attractive. So, save it if you’re a pastel color lover. 

10) The Quirky Wedding Card Design

Latest Invitation Card Designs

Image Courtesy: Designer People

It is something new. Isn’t it? Do you like this cute wedding invitation card? Because it’s one of our favorite designs. The illustrator has incorporated rainbow colors into this design. Also, the illustrator has used hues of red, yellow, blue, and orange with the dominant white. He/she also made quirky portraits of the couple that looks cool & cute. 

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11) Handmade Card With Real Flowers

Latest Invitation Card Designs

Image Courtesy: Ubuy India

Imagine sending someone an invitation to your wedding together with actual flowers and details about the venue. Everyone utilizes fake flowers, but it’s best to send them flowers for your special event when you’re starting a new path that will blossom into something lovely in the future. And have a look at this fashion. It is understated and minimal, and it exudes a beautiful mood. The handmade white paper and a few soft greens look great together. The designer has also wrapped the details in brown paper to give a more pleasing appearance.

12) Glass Invitation Card 

Latest Invitation Card Designs

Image Courtesy: Etsy

This is one of the most recent invitation card designs that you could appreciate. The artist used a great font and a darker shade of white to put the text on this invitation, which is made of glass with green borders. If you like this beautiful design,  save this right now. It’s a brand-new design in the industry that few people have their eye on. Because it is so regal and solemn, it is ideal to save it for inspiration in the future.

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13) The Blend of Modern & Traditional 

Latest Invitation Card Designs

Image Courtesy: Turmeric Ink Invitations and Stationery

Even though these box designs are old, they continue to be among the most popular traditional designs ever. It is quite well-liked by everyone as it offers a suitable space for storing appropriate wedding information along with sweets or dry fruits. Because you can present sweets to your loved ones on this particular occasion, it’s also one of the sweetest invitations. “Kuch meetha ho Jaye” should be said by the individual who opens the good news package. Additionally, the layout highlights the door above, which, when opened, announces the good news. Isn’t this something really cute? 

14) The Trendiest Test Tubes

Latest Invitation Card Designs

Image Courtesy: Naiara by Maleka

One of our favorite invitation card designs is also this one – It’s giving us some great energy. They have a great, enticing appearance. It has an endearing charm despite its faded, rustic exterior. Along with the invitation cards in the test tube, it also features some purple feathers. These are easier to reserve in terms of both space and money. As it is a brand-new idea, you can use it as inspiration for your invitation.

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15) Origami Style Invitation Card

Latest Invitation Card Designs

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Give this origami-style invitation card a try instead of using outdated and conventional wedding invitation templates. It’s new but alluring nonetheless. This card will impress anyone who receives it. It is a great option for you if you enjoy trying new things and following trends. Save this design to your gallery right away. But this is a conventional shade of scarlet with a yellow thread to open with some vintage golden embroidery. How does it look?

16) Photoframe Invitation Design

Latest Invitation Card Designs

Image Courtesy: Core Designs

We love the designs of photo frame invitation cards since they can be used again. People can use it and add their photos to it. Regardless of what, the recipient will adore it. A photo frame invitation style is a hit because of the candies in the box, the photo frame invitation, and the reusable aspect. But let’s talk about the design right away. The turquoise combines well with brown and earthy tones. Additionally, the interior of the design features Shri Ganesha, which provides the entryway with a powerful positive force. People adore anything that they can reuse. You can therefore draw inspiration from this design and save it for later use.

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17) The Embroidered Design

Latest Invitation Card Designs

Image Courtesy:

Aah! it is also one of our favorite invitation card designs. This is the newest product to hit the market, and they are FIRE. It is included in the list of our most recent successes. Such invitations are now being taken into consideration at weddings and other events. The embroidered design is undoubtedly one of the crafts that people will remember for life. The stitching of the pair and flowers together has a lot of positive energy. You can easily customize your wording. All of this draws us to this design. 

18) Handmade Wedding Card

Latest Invitation Card Designs

Image Courtesy: Style Wedding

Handmade wedding invitation cards are our favorite. We are utterly in awe of this fantastic design. On the off-chance that you prefer understated designs to gaudy ones, you should choose handmade creations like these. We admired how the pastel colors and ribbons in the center reflected the couple’s credentials. Although white predominates, notice how the flowers brighten up everything else. Additionally, the usage of butter paper above has a more pleasing appearance. Please let us know your thoughts on this design.

19) Sophisticated Wedding Design

Latest Invitation Card Designs

Image Courtesy:

Do you desire more enticing handmade creations? We’ll add one more to the collection of wedding invitation designs. Because of the hues utilized, they are stimulating. Look at how the designer included flowers while letting the royal blue color take center stage. The interior cards are attached to the blue envelopes with wax stamp sealing. The blossoms and vintage wax stamps give the wedding card a sensual appearance. We also want to emphasize how well royal blue and pastel hues complement one another. 

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20) The Colorful & Loud Wedding Design

Latest Invitation Card Designs

Image Courtesy: hiphiphooray

Once more displaying one of the distinctive patterns that are dominated by blue and vibrant flowers. There are some next-level feelings evoked by the contrast between the dark background and the golden color. It’s a striking and intriguing design. Light colors become more beautiful and appear fuller and more inviting when paired with dark hues, especially blue. However, the choice of alluring fonts also improves the card’s appeal.

21) The Most Enticing One 

Latest Invitation Card Designs

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

We just adore this invitation card. This is one of the sweetest card gestures ever portrayed. The illustrator shows the bride and groom as being linked together. As the couple prepares to get married, the illustrator beautifully depicts their love and affection for one another. The illustrator also included blossoms beneath the window to symbolize joy and happiness. Use these wedding invitation templates if you want a vector design for your invitations. Additionally, we think this is a lucky design you can choose.

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22) The Sober Vibes

Latest Invitation Card Designs

Image Courtesy: Glitzy Prints

One of the straightforward invitation card designs, it merely exudes simplicity and sobriety. You can choose such charming yet simple styles if you prefer minimalism and are on a tight budget. These styles are straightforward. Additionally, there is only one brown envelope with clear invitation energies.

23) The Flip-Flop Design

Latest Invitation Card Designs

Image Courtesy: Customizing Creativity

Instead of using separate envelopes, these invitations cleverly cram all the necessary details into a single card that guests must lift to see what’s inside! Yes, this is amusing. If your wedding will include many events, this is the ideal invitation for you. One single card in the flip-flop layout might contain all the details for the events. The color scheme, which is green with golden undertones, is particularly fascinating. This card appears very full and rich because of all the colors and designs on it.

24) His & Her Designs

Latest Invitation Card Designs

Image Courtesy: Pretty Gilded Designs

The same invitation designer frequently sells two different designs to couples. The flower and pink-blush variant for the bride and the dark color version for the groom go well together. If you want to modify your wedding invitation templates, they are one of the best options. It feels good to wear His or Her designs. Look at how the glitter enhances the beauty of both colors. Additionally, both pink and dark colors go well together.

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25) A Box Of Royalty

Latest Invitation Card Designs

Image Courtesy: CreateAFlutter

This wedding invitation card can only be described in two words: stunning and regal. These boxes are frequently upgraded by adding a small selection of specialty coffees, premium chocolates, dry fruits, and other goodies. The designer went with the customary hue of red for the box. This is the ideal fusion of traditional design with contemporary requirements. This boxed invitation’s mix of colors, including rose red and golden, is the ideal synthesis of traditional elegance and simplicity. This striking invitation card is worth saving because of the intricate patterns on its borders and the cursive fonts used to provide information.

26) A Quirky One 

Latest Invitation Card Designs

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

One of the popular and modern invitation card designs that have never been used before is this one. It’s an innovative design that the market has never seen before, and it’s fantastic! You can have your children complete the puzzle to obtain the venue details. The popularity of these invitation card designs has left us speechless. Being a destination wedding, the designer chose to go with a beach theme. Your ideas can be readily modified to meet your demands and specifications. A design like that also leaves room for the addition of dried fruits and sweets. Overall, this invitation is exciting.

27) The Invitation That Speaks Royalty

Latest Invitation Card Designs

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Choose printed wedding invitation box ideas if you want something classy, elegant, yet stylish. These are timeless and will always be in trend. The regal box has so much space in which you can add anything you want. Try experimenting with shades like royal blue, turquoise, green, or teal; any pattern will appear stylish in these colors right away. It’s a souvenir box that includes your invitation and a few miniature wedding favors. The box can be recycled, and the recipients will always remember your wedding for life. 

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28) The Traditional Taste

Latest Invitation Card Designs

Image Courtesy: VSK Cards

Why would you choose a calm wedding invitation when weddings are all about vibrant colors and an upbeat vibe? Add a splash of vibrant color to make it dynamic and vivacious. It is a Rajasthani wedding theme that includes the pagdi safa. The themes are simple to adapt to your requirements and preferences. Additionally, the box has a floral design and space for other items like chocolates and dry fruits. 

29) The Hexagon Style Invite

Latest Invitation Card Designs

Image Courtesy: Turmeric Ink

You can choose something distinctive and different from the many alternatives and styles for wedding invitation box ideas. These pastel colors look amazing with the golden wedding invitation boxes, don’t you think? It has these hexagonal-shaped boxes which you can use to put various assortments such as dry fruits, sweets, and more. They have unique pastel-colored cards which look inviting and pleasing to the eyes. 

30) The Glass Box Invite

Latest Invitation Card Designs

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Choose something way too unusual, like this one, instead of the conventional one. It’s a beautiful glass wedding invitation box that can be used for other things in the future. What a lovely choice, don’t you think? It might be a cherished gift for someone and stick with them for the rest of their lives. This box can be used by someone to safely store jewellery or other items. The concept of including the invitation information in this box is lovely.

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As the wedding day nears, the planning process can be hectic. From selecting the date to finalizing the guest list, there’s a lot to do. One of the most important tasks is choosing the invitation card designs. Invitation cards are a great way to personalize the wedding. By selecting the right wedding invitation templates, you can send a message to your guests that will be remembered long after the wedding.

When choosing an invitation card, it’s important to consider the type of wedding you’re planning. If you’re having a traditional wedding, you might want to choose a card with elegant floral designs. If it’s a destination wedding, we have also provided some suggestions for it. You can find a variety of designs in this blog to satisfy your needs and requirements. 

Choosing a wedding theme can be a fun and exciting process. It can help you plan the overall feel and vibe of your wedding and can help you create a unique wedding experience. Lastly, if you’re looking for more wedding endeavors, do visit Wedding Banquets. Our single platform can arrange everything you need for a wedding. Anything from a perfect banquet to florists, decorators, bridal wear, Mehndi artists, and makeup artists is available. Do check us out!

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