Best Cartilage Piercings

Cartilage Piercings: 11 Best Cartilage Piercings (Ideas For Wedding)

Are you in the mood to experiment with your look? Wedding season is around the corner and it is the perfect time to set the trend bar high! You may have experimented with Shoes, Dresses and what not! Now do it with your ears- try Cartilage Piercing. Become a trendsetter bridesmaid as Cartilage Piercings would give you a classy chick look. To make you achieve that, we have rounded up the top

11 Best Cartilage Piercing ideas that you must try this wedding season. 

1) Helix Piercing 

Sophisticated and elegant, this cartilage piercing is placed on the upper part of the ear. This type of piercing doesn’t cause much pain, so you can easily try it out.

Best Cartilage Piercings

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2)Forward Helix Piercing 

The forward helix piercings are placed on the cartilage that is closest to the face. This is done by piercing through the front-facing surface just above your tragus. It is a very common procedure.

Best Cartilage Piercings

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3)Snug Piercing 

Snug piercing is a type of ear piercing that pierces the inner cartilage partially down the outer rim of the ear. It is located in a relatively shallow area, just above the Anti-tragus. One of the most distinguishing features of a snug piercing is the entrance and exit points being visible from the front side of the ear rather than the backside.

Best Cartilage Piercings

4)Conch Piercing 

A conch piercing is a piercing that is performed on the external part of the human ear, commonly referred to as the “concha”, in order to insert and wear jewellery. This piercing has become increasingly popular among younger women in recent years as part of the multi-ear piercing trend.

Best Cartilage Piercings

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5)Tragus Piercing 

The tragus is a part of the ear situated directly in front of the ear canal. It is typically a rounded triangular shape. The size and shape of the tragus vary from person to person. Some people have a prominent tragus, while others may not have any at all. The tragus is also a very attractive piercing.

Best Cartilage Piercings

6)Orbital Piercing

An orbital piercing consists of two piercings in the ear that are joined by a single piece of jewellery. These piercings are typically situated in the helix area of the ear. However, an orbital piercing can be performed anywhere on the body.

Best Cartilage Piercings

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7)Daith Piercing 

Daith piercing is a type of piercing made up of a fold of cartilage located above the entrance to the ear canal. It is the most common type of piercing among women, and is designed to create a distinctive boss-like appearance.

Best Cartilage Piercings

8)Auricle Piercing

Basically, the auricle is the part of your ear that’s on the outside. It’s between your earlobes and the helix. It’s usually in the centre of your cartilage, so you can wear a bunch of different kinds of jewellery to make it look great.

Best Cartilage Piercings

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9)Sleek Dangle Cartilage Earrings

If you want to keep your bridal look chic and elegant, it’s probably not a good idea to go overboard with earrings. So, stick to the sleek ones and steer clear of heavy danglers. As mentioned earlier, you can opt for a very sleek pair with small rhinestones or danglers for extra detail. These earrings will help you add some bling to your outfit and make it stand out from the crowd.

Best Cartilage Piercings


10) Designer Cartilage Earrings

You can choose from a variety of shapes and designs of designer earrings, such as the fern-shaped earrings. You can also choose designs or shapes that represent something or mean something unique to make your wedding look and ceremony more special.

It is also a great idea to include such earrings if you have a theme for a wedding festivities  and the design of your earrings symbolises the theme.

This kind of cartilage earrings option is one of the best ways to have fun designing your Bridesmaid look.

Best Cartilage Piercings

11)An Assortment Earrings

If you have had multiple piercings in your ears over the years, then it is the perfect opportunity to show them off. Get a collection of studs and earrings and ear cuffs and whatever you need to complete your look. Add all the sparkle to your ears with these earrings and let your unique style shine through your wedding ensemble. There are so many elegant, delicate, and beautiful earrings to choose from.

Best Cartilage Piercings

So there you have it! If you’re looking for some awesome cartilage earrings for your wedding, you’ve come to the right place! Keep checking back for more wedding fashion and jewellery ideas, and don’t forget to rock the bling!

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