20 Trending & Simple Blouse Designs For Silk Sarees In 2022

Do you want to explore some elegant and simple blouse designs for silk sarees? 

There are many reasons why silk sarees and blouses are popular. They are beautiful, elegant, and versatile. Moreover, you can wear them for a variety of occasions, from formal events to casual outings. You can wear them as a standalone piece or as an addition to existing jeans or pants. Silk blouses are also more comfortable to wear than other ones. 

One of the great things about silk is that it has never been off fashion. It’s been years since silk sarees have been in trend and on the top. Silk is the flavor of the older generation that has been passed down to the new generation. However, it’s been loved by all because of its elegance. Isn’t it true? 

Best 20 Simple Blouse Designs For Silk Sarees

There hasn’t been a year when the general people didn’t adore silk sarees. All generation loves silk fashion and accepts it wholeheartedly. So, we have compiled a list of 20 simple blouse designs for silk sarees that you can wear on any occasion. Moreover, you can also combine it with your jeans or pants. Let’s get started.

  • Plunging V Line & Cut Outs
  • Mysore Simple Designer Blouse
  • Spaghetti Strap Sleeves Simple Designer Blouse
  • Gathered Sleeves Blouse
  • Front Tie Up Silk Blouse
  • Highcollar Neckline Simple Designer Blouse
  • A Back Bow Blouse
  • The Halter Neck Designer Blouse
  • High Neck Silk Zipper
  • The Buttoned Blouse
  • Simple Designer Blouse With a Collar
  • The Scallop Floral Design
  • The Madhubani Art Blouse
  • Simple Peplum Blouse
  • A Pink & Yellow Blend With Tassels
  • The Moss Green
  • A Katan Silk Piece
  • The Simson Red
  • The Yellow Spice
  • Versatile Halter Magic

1) Plunging V Line & Cut Outs

Image Courtesy: KalkiFashion.com

It’s a raw silk blouse with a V line and cut-out sleeves. If you want to wear something bold and elegant, the V line can be your go-to blouse wear. Additionally, notice the border of the blouse that has been styled differently. If you’re planning to wear something simple and not flashy, but want to rock your overall look, then the plunging V line is one of the sexiest yet simple blouse designs for silk sarees which you can check out! The designer has crafted the blouse in V shape song with hanging tassels which enhances the overall look of the blouse. It is a simple designer blouse that is not over-bright at all.  

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2) Mysore Simple Designer Blouse 

Image Courtesy: Nykaa Fashion

Check out this exquisite piece of blouse which looks extremely decent, yet alluring. It’s one of the simple designer blouse designs for silk sarees adorned with zari butty and border. Because this simple designer blouse has been popular for decades, you can match it and also wear it as a crop top with blue jeans. Additionally, you can wear it with either a plain black saree or a golden one! You’ll look fantastic!

3) Spaghetti Strap Sleeves Simple Designer Blouse

Image Courtesy: Kalkifashion.com

If you’re a sleeveless fan, this is one of the best simple blouse designs for silk sarees. It has no sequins and showy work. Moreover, it’s a pastel-colored blouse with a back hook closure. If there’s one thing that spaghetti straps have always done well, you can flaunt your curves. Whether you’re rocking them as a standalone piece or pairing them with a maxi skirt, mini skirt, or saree, a spaghetti strap blouse always looks chic and sexy. Additionally, if you’re looking for a versatile piece to take you from day to night, a spaghetti blouse is a great option for a white saree. Moreover, spaghetti straps are a great way to add a little extra oomph to your outfit. So why not give spaghetti straps a try this season?

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4) Gathered Sleeves Blouse

Image Courtesy: TrueBrowns.com

The gathered sleeves have added a new taste to this simple designer blouse. Moreover, the color of the blouse is trending in 2022. You can wear it with a saree or with a pair of baggy pants or denim. Additionally, this blouse includes a zip on the sides, which improves its comfort. Last but not least, it’s a simple blouse with attractive sleeves that you may wear with many outfits.

5) Front Tie Up Silk Blouse

Image Courtesy: TrueBrowns.com

If want to add a bit of magic and life to your elegant saree, then the front tie-up is a simple designer blouse for silk sarees. A versatile and attractive garment that can be worn for a range of events is the front tie-up blouse. As it is light and airy, this style is ideal for a summer day. The front tie-up is a straightforward designer blouse that can be dressed up or down and create a range of distinct appearances. This look is ideal for a day at the beach or a party at a cafe because it accentuates your curves beautifully.

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6) Highcollar Neckline Simple Designer Blouse

Image Courtesy: kalkifashion.com

There is something about a high-collar blouse that makes it stand out in fashion. It’s a classic piece that can be dressed the way you want and always looks sizzling hot. This type of blouse is perfect for a formal occasion, like a wedding, or a more casual event, like a dinner party. You can wear a high collar blouse with anything from skirts to jeans, and a saree. Moreover, if you want to rock your wedding look, this is one of the simple blouse designs for silk sarees. 

7) A Back Bow Blouse

Image Courtesy: Tikli.in

Looking for a unique and stylish bow tie blouse? Look no further than this bow tie blouse! It features a tiered, ruffled blouse design with a back bowtie detail. This blouse is perfect for a special occasion or to dress up your everyday look. If you’re going to wear a decent saree with some pastel or grey color, get this blouse for yourself because it looks captivating. To be honest, it’s this simple designer blouse that has tripled the whole look of the attire. It looks graceful, isn’t it? 

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8) The Halter Neck Designer Blouse

Image Courtesy: Sundariihandmade.com

Halter neck blouses are a timeless style that you can check. They are a great way to show off your sleek neck and are very versatile. Halter neck blouses can be worn with jeans or a skirt and can be made into a dress or a shirt dress. Moreover, the saree is the best go-to go with this halter neck simple blouse design for silk sarees. They are also a great way to show off your collarbone. Such blouses look extremely elegant and captivating. You can pair this with green, white, and pink sarees. 

9) High Neck Silk Zipper

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

A Zipper silk blouse with a design at back is a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe. This versatile piece can be worn with any outfit. The intricate design at the back of the blouse is sure to turn heads. Moreover, the tread work at the back enhances the grace of the saree. You can wear jeans and straight silk skirts. This blouse will look the best with a white silk saree and a yellow one. It’s an exclusive and simple designer blouse for silk sarees that you can check out. 

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10) The Buttoned Blouse 

Image Courtesy: Etsy.com

The buttoned blouse is one of the most popular styles of blouse. It’s an adaptable style that can be dressed in a skirt, jeans, pants, and a saree. You can wear it to work or a social event. You can also wear it as a dress or as a blouse. It all comes down to your creativity. This one is the most elegant and simple designer blouse you can wear. You can wear a blue buttoned blouse with a white silk saree.

11) Simple Designer Blouse With a Collar

Image Courtesy: Sujatra.com

This cotton silk blouse is one of the simple blouse designs for silk sarees that you can give a try to wear. This blouse has nothing gaudy and is only adorned with trivial embroidery work on the collars of this decent blouse. Some clothes don’t need many sequins and work because they look more alluring in simplicity. Moreover, simple and decent is new fancy. What do you say? 

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12) The Scallop Floral Design

Image Courtesy: Azafashion.com

Check out this straightforward designer blouse if you enjoy flowery fashion. It’s understated, yet the florals improve the saree’s overall appearance. Moreover, you can also pair it with your blue pants, and white silk skirts, and not miss a saree. You can experiment with various florals if you’d like to attempt something different from basic silk clothing! It is among the classy and simple blouse designs for silk sarees.

13) The Madhubani Art Blouse

Image Courtesy: okhai.org

It’s a handpainted simple designer blouse that reflects the true essence of Madhubani art on the blouse. This makes it authentic wear that you can pair with jeans, a skirt, and obviously, a saree. Moreover, it narrates a story of Mithila households where the bride performs rituals for the family’s well-being and integrity. You can pair it with any plain saree. 

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14) Simple Peplum Blouse

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Peplum blouses are a popular style of blouse and are often worn as an elegant and stylish addition to any wardrobe. They are perfect for dressing up or down and can blend with a variety of outfits. Some of the best peplum blouses to buy include those from Express and ASOS. They both offer a variety of styles and colors and are both affordable and versatile.

15) A Pink & Yellow Blend With Tassels

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

If you’re someone who loves tassels and flairs in their sleeves, do check this one out! This is a cute and simple designer blouse that you can try with your silk saree. The pink wings along with the yellow blouse look fiery. You can wear it with a white saree or a pink one! 

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16) The Moss Green

Image Courtesy: svasa.design

If you’re in search of something rustic and traditional, this one is the perfect one for you to wear. On the sleeves, it has kalamkari work which makes it more attractive and pleasing to the eyes. It also has mirror work & thread work around the neck. It’s a simple designer blouse which you can pair along with blue jeans, a white skirt, and a saree. 

17) A Katan Silk Piece 

Image Courtesy: justblouses_official

Isn’t this one of the exquisite, cute, and simple blouse designs for silk sarees? If you want to wear something simple yet sexy, then go for a sleeveless blouse. You can pair it with jeans, a skirt, and a saree of your choice. Moreover, this blouse will add a bit of spice to your outfit. 

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18) The Simson Red 

Image Courtesy: vanithaprasad

If you’re looking for something sexy and stylish to wear to a party or a night out on the town, you should check out this simson red with frills on the shoulder. If you’re on the hunt for something extraordinary, this is a simple designer blouse you can check out. This one will turn heads at the party. Moreover, you can pair it with your white skirt, jeans, or a saree. You go, girl! Whether you’re looking for something to wear to a formal event or just a casual night out with friends, a sexy blouse is a good-to-go. 

19) The Yellow Spice 

Image Courtesy: studiojann

A v-neck blouse is a timeless piece that will always look great. Whether you are going for a casual look or a more dressed-up look, a v-neck blouse is a must-have. Moreover, it’s a simple blouse designer blouse. They are hot and versatile. They are an excellent item to have in your wardrobe because they are timeless.

20) Versatile Halter Magic 

Image Courtesy: awwawakids

Halter blouses are a versatile and flattering style that can be worn for many occasions. They are a great option for summertime as they are lightweight and breathable. Halter blouses can be dressed up or down, and can be paired with skirts, trousers, or dresses. 

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The silk saree blouse is a very versatile piece of clothing that can be teamed up with different outfits for different occasions. It can be worn as a standalone piece or as part of a dress, saree, or skirt. Silk saree blouses come in different colors, patterns, and styles and can be tailored to fit any body type. They can also be made in different lengths, which allows you to create different looks. Silk saree blouses are a great choice for special occasions and can be worn to weddings, parties, ceremonies, and other events. Do choose your simple designer blouse from these 20 options. Moreover, these simple blouse designs for silk sarees can be your go-to-go. 

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